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4 ways pharmacists make caregivers’ lives easier

Shot of a pharmacist assisting a young woman and her young son find the right medication.
Written by CMN News Service

As a caregiver, you’re constantly looking after those around you, whether it’s your children, parents or both. Your day can include anything and everything, including packing the kids’ favourite lunches, dropping groceries off at your mom’s place and stocking her up with everything to last her the week.

Naturally, a stop on a caregiver’s daily route will be their local pharmacy. While there, instead of trying to find the solution to everyone’s problems alone, lean on your pharmacist to provide support. Here are some tips to make the most of that relationship.

  1. Reminders. Let your pharmacist take a to-do item off your list by setting up reminders via call or text when it’s time to pick up a prescription. They can also contact your doctor when you need a prescription refill, saving you the trip.
  2. Advice. Pharmacists are trained professionals equipped with the knowledge to offer wellness advice. Not only can they fill your prescription, but they can also advise when you may need something off the shelf or suggest when it’s time to visit the doctor. Additionally, your pharmacist can liaise with your doctor to find alternatives if your medication isn’t covered by your drug plan or needs to be adjusted. From the best remedy for your child’s scraped knee to knowing if an over-the-counter medication is safe to take with your prescription, they are available to answer your questions.
  3. Save time. At Rexall, in one quick visit you can cross everything off your list. Buy snacks for the kids, a gift for the host of that holiday party, toiletries for your vacation and your parent’s prescription – you can even get your flu shot.
  4. Get unique support. Caregiving can be challenging. Your local pharmacist can set you up with individualized programs designed for the specific needs of your loved ones.
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