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Affinage 101: Learn the Art of Artisan Cheese Making in the Heart of Oxford County

Written by CMN News Service

Walk in the shoes of a local cheese maker when you get an insider look at Gunn’s Hill Artisan Cheese. Gunn’s Hill’s latest experience, Affinage 101, explores the art of aging cheese. You’ll get a chance to see what happens after the curds and whey have settled and the wheels have been pressed. You’ll learn how aging a wheel affects the taste profile and the passion that goes into this part of the cheese making process. 

Upon arriving at this rural cheese plant nestled in the rolling countryside of Oxford, you’ll be greeted with delicious artisan cheese before heading into the aging rooms to learn about how Gunn’s Hill crafts their cheese using recipes cheesemaker Shep Ysselstein discovered while studying in the Swiss Alps. Learn about the care and heart that goes into each wheel and what aging process secrets sets their cheese apart as you wash and flip them (and of course indulge a little too)! 

Next join the cheese maker to learn how to judge the quality of cheese and understand the various flavour profiles. You’ll go head to head with the cheese maker to test your palette and learn to refine it. Finally, wind down this experience by creating a few different tasty fondues to enjoy as a group using recipes created by a local chef. 

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