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5 tips to make your perfume last longer

Written by Lovedeep Singh

Perfume is an ageless symbol of beauty and cleanliness. It has the ability to enhance your mood and the mood of those around you, boost confidence and make you feel attractive. Follow these five tips if you want your signature scent to last its longest:

1. Perfume absorbs quickly into your skin, apply directly on your clothes instead.

2. Don’t rub perfume in, to your clothes or your skin, let it sit on the surface.

3. Always spray your scent on pulse points like your wrists (cuffs), neck (collar), and behind your knees (pants).

4. Spritz a scarf with your signature scent and the heat from your body will make the fragrance bloom.

5. If applying directly to your skin, first apply a complementary essential oil on the pulse points, then add perfume. With the use of essential oil, your skin will not absorb the perfume.

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