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Backyard Shed Ideas for Some “Me Space”

Written by CMN News Service

Running out of room in your house? As the home becomes our place of refuge, many of us are looking for ways to make the most of our property. A backyard shed can be the perfect solution to carve out some space just for you.

Backyard Getaway

Gaining popularity among homeowners, livable backyard sheds or “casitas” (small houses) can be used as cozy getaways that create some “me space.” They are perfect for parents who want some breathing room away from the kids, those looking for a space to call all their own for a hobby, reading or unwinding after a long day, or a working escape.

Home Office

After months of working from the kitchen table, a small nook or anywhere else in your house, a separate home office can be an appealing alternative. There are even companies now that rent out backyard office spaces configured from shipping containers and retrofitted as office space. The benefit is that they offer short-term rentals of 2 months.

Easy Build or Install

One of the top advantages of transforming a shed into a livable part of your home is that it can easily be installed and in many ways is affordable. Most small sheds don’t need permits and can be easily renovated yourself but stay informed about city permit requirements. Ordering prefabricated sheds can be ordered and installed within a matter of weeks. These self-contained spaces can actually be more affordable than taking on a full-scale construction project.

She Shed/He Shed Ideas

A backyard outbuilding or shed is also fun to decorate and easy to personalize in your own style – whether it’s a rustic log cabin, farmhouse chic or bold and modern. You can decorate with softer décor or make it a small man cave, or make it neutral. You can also adapt the interior of your shed quickly to suit your changing needs, seamlessly switching from home office to virtual school hub to craft space.

Comfort is Key

Make sure your shed is comfortable and cozy so it’s a place you enjoy spending time in. Before you deck out your shed in your chosen décor, install a quality subfloor to keep out cold and moisture. Premium subflooring from Dricore is a great option, as it will keep your floors soft, warm and comfortable. Quick and easy to install, you can lay out the panels for your shed in less than an hour.

Personalize Your Design

Whatever design and materials you choose, be sure to use textures and items that encourage peace, joy and relaxation. Whether you hang photos of a quiet forest path or undulating waves on a serene beach, this is a space just for you, so outfit it with your favourite things. Think souvenirs from your last vacation, materials and supplies for your latest hobby, and blankets and pillows in soothing fabrics.

Finding the right type of financing for your next home improvement project doesn’t need to start and end with your bank, there are several other options to choose from.

Savings – When you already have a mortgage on your property, adding another credit product to your profile may not be the best move, as it can increase the number of payments and interest on your plate each month. So, if you’re planning to make smaller renovations, using up the funds in your savings account may be a better choice.

Credit Cards – Another good solution for smaller improvements, your credit cards are beneficial because they allow you to make minimum payments when you can’t afford your full monthly balances. If you prefer, you can also make more than one payment per month, which will quickly increase your credit score.

Home Equity Line of Credit – Once you’ve built up sufficient home equity, you can apply for a revolving line of credit that’s equal to 65-80% of your property’s total appraisal value. Similar to a credit card, you may borrow from this credit line as needed, then make monthly balance repayments. The better your renovations are, the more equity your home will accumulate, as you’ll be boosting its value along the way.

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