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Bathroom Makeover Tips

Written by CMN News Service

Did you know the bathroom is the most renovated space in the home? Here is some practical advice about investing in one of the most important rooms in your house.

Use these basic tips to create a relaxing retreat from everyday life:

Refresh on a budget

Before you start ripping up floors or taking out fixtures, consider some simple and affordable alternatives. You can start with small updates like bathroom towel bars or hardware accessories. Paint is one of the most inexpensive decorating tools you have, whether on an existing cabinet or walls. Wallpaper is another option that works well in small powder rooms when you want to make a statement.

Choose durable materials

Whether you’re changing the paint, tile or flooring, remember that all surfaces in a bathroom are exposed to more water and moisture than other areas of the home. So, investing in high-quality materials will not only look great but stand the test of time. Of course, price and durability have to be considered. Tile offers a durable and stylish choice and is available in many options, while porcelain tile is a popular choice that is denser with greater stain and water resistance compared to ceramic tile. Porcelain tile can also be used with radiant in-floor heat which is a current and practical trend.

Get a professional 

Relocating the tub or sink, or moving plumbing fixtures are major and expensive undertakings. When it comes to major changes, be sure to contact a professional. Some hardware or fixtures can be installed by professionals from the hardware store where you purchased the items. You can also change the look of a bathroom cabinet with new handles and then consider whether a new bathroom countertop would be in order or maybe a new sink, faucet and taps. For a fresh and affordable look, consider options like trendy matte black or bronze finishes.

Consider open shelves  

Create the illusion of more space and add a room to store and organize your items with open shelving. Floating and standing shelves are inexpensive but can be both practical to hold additional items and decorative. You may also think about clearing out cabinets of old prescription drugs or cosmetics. These can be taken to your local recycling location or pharmacy.

Create a spa atmosphere

Now is also the time to include some bathroom essentials and simple splurges that add comfort and a touch of luxury to your bathroom. Some basic items like new towels, bathmat, matching bathroom accessories or soaps can freshen up your space.

Considering the cost

The cost to renovate can be in the thousands of dollars depending on your ambition and budget. In general, a 5 foot by 10 foot bathroom renovation could cost between $10k to $16k including planning design charges, bathroom fixtures and installation. (Keep in mind condominium renovations may cost about 30% less due to the size of the room and condo restrictions for building design.) Of course, small updates like new accessories will cost much less.

When it comes to financing your project, it’s important to match your costs with the right type of support.

Using credit or savings depends on your financial situation. For less ambitious improvements, using a credit card can make sense if you can carry the added monthly payments. Of course, using money from your savings account means there is less burden for added payments. A home equity line of credit is also a great option if your plans have grown into a full bathroom renovation.

When budgeting for a renovation, you may want to consider all of your financial options before moving forward. Any changes you do will add to the value of your living space and to your enjoyment of a space that is sometimes overlooked. Once you have made modifications to your bathroom, enjoying it is an added pleasure. Light a candle and indulge in a facial while soaking in that new tub.

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