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Churn Back Time

Written by CMN News Service

Oxford County, ON

In the life of a pioneer, DIY took on a whole new meaning in the home. From growing your own food to preparing it from scratch, using what you had to put food on the table was a way of life. In Norwich Museum’s new butter churning experience, you’ll get the opportunity to create a delicious snack in a traditional way and enjoy a little simplicity.  What could be better than enjoying freshly churned butter in Canada’s Dairy Capital?

Head into the museum’s traditional Quaker House where you’ll be welcomed inside and shown the tools of the trade.  This home, built by the Lossing family, was the original homestead of Norwich. Touch, smell and learn to use everything as you actually churn your own fresh butter from cream.  Of course, what would this experience be without enjoying the butter too? Smear the butter on a fresh bread from a local bakery and enjoy.  This experience is perfect for families who will love creating memories and butter together as well as couples, friends and solo travelers.


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