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Is your vehicle ready for winter? Here’s a checklist

Photo of vechiles lined up at tire height and the ground covered in ice and snow
Written by CMN News Service

The winter months can be hard on your vehicle – think slushy, hard-to-drive-on roads and freezing temperatures making your engine work harder. Protect your investment with these maintenance tips from the auto experts at OK Tire.

Winterize your wheels. We know all-season tires just won’t cut it when it comes to tackling cold weather but changing over your wheels is also important. Winter wheels are made of steel, providing a low maintenance, durable solution for the colder months. They are less likely to oxidize from road salt, plus their heavier weight allows them to hold up in snowy conditions. Treat yourself to a pair of winter wheels when you take care of your tire changeover.

Charge up. Batteries vary across vehicles. The most common one you’ll see is an SLI (starting, lighting and ignition) battery that takes care of your ignition, lights, radio and overall start-up. Lithium-ion batteries are also gaining popularity in hybrid and electric vehicles, storing more energy and weighing less. Whatever battery your car runs on, the sub-zero weather means it will need a little more energy to get going. Get a test done to ensure your battery is performing at its best and doesn’t need to be replaced.

Stay slick. Oil is your vehicle’s lifeblood, and in the winter it needs a little more love than usual. Oil can thicken in the cold, so consider synthetic oil that flows smoothly through the engine lubrication system in sub-zero temperatures. Finally, make sure to keep up on oil changes. On average a vehicle will need two to four oil changes per year, but this may increase in winter.

Top up fluids. Things like wiper fluid, oil, and brake fluids should all be topped up ahead of winter. Wiper fluid is especially important as you’ll likely be dealing with a lot more dirt and salt from the roads at this time of year. Visibility is crucial to safe driving, so why not make sure things are optimized for a clear view of the road ahead? Opt for a winter fluid to avoid freezing and sun glare on your windshield.

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