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Relax! Take the upper hand on anxiety with these tips

Written by CMN News Service

With more people working at home with all the stresses that come with it, many of us could use a little help getting on top of anxiety. These tips will help.

Keep yourself surrounded with whatever music keeps puts you in a good mood and helps you wind down. Take breaks to just enjoy the music’s healing characteristics.

Boredom can be a source of anxiety. When you find yourself with nothing productive to do, get busy anyway. Read, play a board or online game, do a puzzle, or go back to a hobby you might have set aside when you got too busy for it. Sketching, painting, or needlework will all keep you meaningfully occupied and will ease anxiety.

Stay connected! It’s important to stay connected with people we love and things we enjoy. Even if you are unable to participate in your sport or hobby of choice, get in touch with those that share your passion. Talking to like-minded folks can be a great reliever of anxiety.

Stay busy, enjoy some good music, and stay connected. You’ll feel anxiety melt away.


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