Safety First, Safety Always: The Tire Grabber Receives Award at Manitoba Ag Days

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The Tire Grabber recognized for innovation to change large-scale tires safely

FERINTOSH, ALBERTA – March 19, 2020: The Tire Grabber, an invention of Alberta farmer Darcy Goossen designed to help farmers safely change large-scale tires, won First Place for Farm Safety at this year’s Manitoba Ag Days Innovation Showcase. The indoor farm show was held January 21-23 in Brandon Manitoba.

The invention was the result of Goossen wanting to make it easier and safer to change his own large-scale tires and do tire repairs on-farm himself. It took Goossen about five years to get the product to the final version.

“The first version was pretty good, and since then it’s only improved with the help of good draftsmen and engineers,” Goossen said. “I originally started this to keep my own employees safe, that is what matters most, keeping people safe.” This year’s Canadian Agricultural Farm Safety week is coming to close, but this message could not be clearer for Goossen.

The Tire Grabber is a 3-arm device that attaches to tractor, Bobcat, or skidsteer. It balances the tire, perfectly centred, for safer and easier handling. Large-scale tires can be maneuvered more quickly and
much more safely saving operators time and keeping them safe. The Tire Grabber also enables the operator to flat-stack tires which decreases the amount of warehouse space needed for storage.

Previously, Goossen won the people’s choice award for Farmyard Invention at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina.

“Ten years ago, if someone had told me I was going to get to a show and win a prize, I would have told them they didn’t know what they were talking about because that’s not me,” Goossen said.

The Tire Grabber is being used on many farming operations and in equipment dealerships in North America and is looking forward to expanding their market into other sectors like construction, mining and aviation.

About The Tire Grabber
The Tire Grabber is an innovative, award-winning device that was designed by Darcy Goossen, a farmer from Central Alberta Canada for use by other farmers and equipment dealers who change large-scale
tires. The Tire Grabber works with any hydraulic attachment and can handle tires up to 95” diameter and up to 4000lbs.

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