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Tips For Working From Home

Written by CMN News Service

If working from home has you stressed out, follow these tips for success.

Dressing the part can help you get into the mood to work. This is especially important if you will be involved in any video conferences. Looking the part not only sends the right message to your boss, co-workers and clients, but can put you in the right frame of mind as well.

Try to keep a schedule. You might find that working from home allows you to be a bit more flexible with your working hours. That is fine so long as you stick to a basic routine and get your work done during your regular business hours. Don’t allow yourself to slack off so you end up playing catch up late at night or on weekends.

Take your regular breaks so you don’t wear yourself down. Instead of having an in-person chat with a co-worker, make a short phone call. If you feel yourself getting literally bent out of shape from working on your couch on a laptop, get up and have a short stretching session.

Socializing is an important part of work-life. It keeps us all going. Even the most introverted people enjoy a short chat between work chores. Reach out and get in contact with a co-worker friend by phone or on social media to share a little about how your day is going and to give them an opportunity to share theirs with you.

Lastly, enjoy the perks of working from home. Turn up the radio or your favourite Pandora station, set your cat up with a little bed to the side of your work station, take your dog for a walk on your scheduled breaks, whatever makes your working from home situation the most pleasant and productive experience possible.

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