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Trendy new hairstyles for men

Written by Lovedeep Singh

Every man wants to look attractive and handsome and, in this case, the hairstyle plays an important part. Here are the latest haircut and style trends for men that include a new take on some classic cuts.

1. Pomp Fade + Side Part

The pompadour and the side part are two classic men’s hairstyles that are constantly being reinvented. Here they combine forces with a fade for a modern look with timeless appeal.

2. Messy Spikes

Another cool variation on classic spikes, this messy style pulls spikes in all directions.

3. Arc Textured Hairstyle 

This fresh look styles a classic men’s haircut in a new way. Sections of hair are worked in an arc towards the center for a high volume and textured finish.

4. Wavy Sweep Back + High Bald Fade

Here’s a unique take on the sweep back, a looser version of the slick back, with lots of waves and high fade.

5. Thick Crop + Side Fringe

The textured crop is a huge men’s trend that can be worn in lots of different ways. This version has a lot of weight on top and features fringe worked over to one side.

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