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Truffle Camp: Craft Your Own Chocolate with the Queen of Ganache

Written by CMN News Service

Oxford County, ON

Cindy Walker is more than a chocolatier (although she is an amazing one).  She’s a small-town shop owner, lover of local, certified tea sommelier and the person we consider to be The Queen of Ganache. As owner and head chocolatier of Ingersoll’s Chocolatea, Cindy crafts hand cut chocolates with unique, tasty flavours and brings in a handpicked selection of teas.

In her Truffle Camp experience, visitors have the opportunity to take on the role of chocolatier and step behind the counter to craft a dozen of their own tasty, multi-flavoured truffles alongside Cindy herself.

Step inside this cozy shop and enjoy a warm cup of tea as Cindy brings her own story to life. Specializing in what Cindy refers to as “naked teas”, Chocolatea sources teas from all over the world that are not stuffed to the brim with fillers and additives. They’re simple and they’re delicious.  Next it’s time to suit up and throw on your chocolatiering outfit complete with a hat and apron.

Heading into the kitchen, learn about how local flavours inspire Cindy! Besides local you’ll be using international flavours too… including chocolate molds from Belgium (where else?!). Each person in the workshop will create their own ganache using the flavours set out by Cindy. You’ll get your hands dirty (only picture the dirt is chocolate) as you heat cream and butter with your ingredients over the stove and stir to perfection.  Trust us, it smells unbelievable. Learn Cindy’s tricks and tips that give her chocolates a burst of flavour all their own.  Plus, get the insider scoop on simple ways to decorate and coat your truffles.

Finally, package them up in real Chocolatea wrapping and take them home to share (or don’t). We’ll be impressed if they last the whole car ride home. Everyone gets to keep a dozen.


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